Ladies 1 Vs Meopham 1s

Date 17 November 2018
Team Ladies 1
Opposition Meopham 1s
Fixture Home
Venue TBC
Start time 13:30
Result W 9 - 0
Time played Normal time
Scorers Sophy Forwood (4), Lucy Marks (3), Former member (1), Amy Mason (1)
Match Report

Ladies 1’s vs Meopham

Well, I can say this week was a good week. The short story is we won 9-0. Now I’m not going to run you through the order of who scored when because let’s be honest nobody really knows, what I can tell you though is who scored and how many:
Sophy Forwood scored 4 goals
Lucy Marks scored 3 goals
Amber Potter scored 1 goal
Amy Mason scored 1 goal.
Now for the highlights. Ali Watson had her first clan sheet of the season and a very good game all round. Sophy scored half her goals while lying on the ground (commitment). One of Lucy’s goals had come in from above which she controlled and slotted into the goal (she personally felt this goal didn’t get enough recognition). And I have a feeling Lisa Watson didn’t get on with all their players “give the ball back babe”. All round a very good game.
Thanks to Sammy and Mikey for coaching on the sideline, I feel like it’s finally paying off.

MOM - Lucy Marks for being solid

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
Lucy Marks 3 3
Amy Coffey 7
Philippa Mackinnon 9
Abbie Burton 10
Alison Watson 11
Amy Mason 21 1
Jade Walker 22
Sharon Godden 23
Sophy Forwood 26 4
Lisa Watson 36