Men 1 Vs Holcombe

Date 9 March 2019
Team Men 1
Opposition Holcombe
Fixture Home
Venue TBC
Start time 11:30
Result W 2 - 1
Time played Normal time
Scorers Craig Dale (1), Simon Newman Collins (1)
Match Report

'Never let the stick tackle you can't hear in the wind get in the way of a good days hockey'

Firstly I would like to say sorry for the lack of match report last week for the game, relying on Simon Newman-Collins to get some words together and put them on social media is probably not worth the read. 
Herne Bay Men's 1XI strolled up to their 11:15am meet on time of course with the confusion of what the start time was, Bay settled themselves in the changing room
looking at the newly changed line up & the pre match music flowing. Unfortunately Coach Matt Reeve decided that the line up was wrong (for some strange reason James Wigington & Kristoff Blade White infront of the 3 wasn't a good plan) the mood changed as the music went off (only due to Peter Nash speaker having as much charge as Nelly the Nissan's battery) the team got into match day mood and with the pushback time being slightly changed, rushed out to get an intense warm up in.

The match eventually started when everyone backed away 5 (hundred) meters from the pushback. Herne Bay started well and within minutes a David Jeays crash ball was hit into the 'D' a very little deflection from an alert Craig Dale saw the ball go into the bottom corner, 1-0 Bay. They knew they stepped into our fortress!

Holcombe stepped it up from then on and showed some kind of threat and pace on the attack which Herne Bay dealt with at times until a very soft stick tackle (the first of the game) was given against a very calm Sammy Watson who received a green card for this. The team got the hint and made sure every tackle was clean enough so the umpires couldn't see or hear a foul (which was hard with the wind according to one umpire). After a couple of minutes and back up to 11 men Herne Bay kept pushing forward and breaking down the very skillful Holcombe midfield.

1-0 at half time the team played well and looked on top for most of the half. Paul Duffy summed it up at half time 'work rate was going to win us this game'.

The second half started and Holcombe come out of the blocks quickly but Herne Bay were proving they were the better side when they started to control the game a little bit more and staying calm and composed. Bay started to break down that Holcombe wall and were getting more and more opportunities including a string of penalty corners in a row and a 1 (almost) 2 between Collins and Jeays in Holcombe's 'D' (yes that's right Colly was passing back to DJ in the oppos 'D', DJ being the most shocked person by not moving for the pass to be made. Some would say sensible?) But... With a break away down the right hand side from Jeays winning the ball back in Bays half and sending a pass out wide to debutant Ollie Bartlett who ran down to the baseline passed the ball across the 'D' to Collins and he fired the ball away into the bottom right corner. 2-0 Bay and in the driving seat.

A lack of hitting the ball on a 1 on 1 saw Harry Pout unluckily pushing the ball staight at the keeper to give Bay another goal, a little paddy and a HARRY SMASH later, Holcombe had a quick break away leaving a 3 on 2 at the back ball fires across the open goal as Wiggy went to close the attacker down (or just going on another walk abouts? You decide) Michael Lunn took a forehand Nadal swing at shoulder height (so shin height for anyone else) sliced it to the Holcombe player at the far post for an easy tap in. 2-1, 2 minutes to go surely Bay can hold this lead.

For only 30 seconds of the last 2 Will Thomas decided a little dribble from our 'D' to the half way line would get us out of trouble but no... Another Holcombe attack came at us but nothing developed, a calm, composed Thomas then decided that the best thing to do was to hit it up the pitch, final whistle was blown and a relieved Herne Bay could breathe.

A solid and much improved performance from the 1st team and onto next week with the same intensity and hopefully a little less blading the ball for a chip onto the 7th at Stonelees, I'll let Kristoff explain.

Lastly I'm sure we can all say as a 1st XI a massive well done to Ollie Bartlett for a very very good start to the 1s in his first game at right midfield getting joint man of the match with yours truly at right back, some may say they had a weak left side, I say it's because I didn't have someone shouting "Now" everytime I got the ball.

Herne Bay 2 Holcombe 1

MOTM- Ollie Bartlett & Sammy 

Name Squad number Position Scored Assists Cards
James Wigington 1
David Jeays 2
Will Walker 4
Luke Hasler 8
Kriss White 9
Matthew Reeve 10
Peter Nash 14
Michael Lunn 16
Harry Pout 17
Sammy Watson 21
Craig Dale 24 1
Simon Newman Collins 32 1
Ollie Bartlett 76